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Pharmaceutical Distribution System

As an essential link in the healthcare chain, we offer daily delivery of all medicines and pharmaceutical products to every one of our partner chemist’s shops under the same conditions, regardless of their size or location. This helps ensure universal access to health care for all citizens.

We are working to defend the modern model of the chemist's shop, and we, alongside other companies in northern Spain that share this vision, make up the Unnefar Group. With a combined market share of 12% - rising to 65% in its core areas - Unnefar ranks 3rd nationally in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. The group's companies, all market leaders in their areas of operation, serve more than 4,100 partner chemist's shops. We supply these shops with services under the shared Cruzfarma brand, providing logistical coverage and services in 11 autonomous communities

Experts in the Pharmaceutical industry

Novaltia Solutions es la rama de consultoría internacional de Novaltia, empresa cooperativa dedicada a la distribución de medicamentos y una completa gama de productos para farmacias. Contamos con un capital 100% farmacéutico y más de 1.000 socios en Aragón y el País Vasco. El corazón de nuestra misión es la farmacia, destacando al farmacéutico como profesional sanitario esencial dentro del sistema de salud.

Thanks to its extensive experience, Novaltia can offer its customers a complete range of solutions and services, guiding them through the process of warehouse optimisation, design and operation to guarantee the success of any project.