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Pharmaceutical Distribution Experts

Novaltia Solutions is a pharmaceutical distribution expert that can offer its clients a complete range of services, guiding them throughout the design, execution and optimization processes, ensuring any project's success:

Our methodological approach

Novaltia Solutions Background

Sucess Story: Zaragoza Warehouse

State of the art warehouse:
  • High automation: 95% automated order picking
  • High complexity: 120,000 units/day from a 33,000 SKU catalog
  • High capacity utilization: 650 pharmacies receive 2 to 5 orders per day
  • High speed: 30 to 180 minutes lead time
  • High efficiency: Operating cost under 3% of turnover.
  • High quality: UNE-ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, European GDP standards, Pilot Award form logistics Excellence

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